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The Legacy Press Series @ The Center for Book Arts featuring: 

Mr. Russell Maret – Thursday, November 17th, @ 6:30pm










The New York Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers in collaboration with The Center For Book Arts presents The Legacy Press Series. Join us for Mr. Maret’s lecture pertaining to his publication “Visionaires and Fanatics and Other Essays on Type Design, Technology, and the Private Press” : The Legacy Press (2021)Mr. Maret discusses “A Flexible Matrix: The Calligraphic Typeface Used to Print the Theuerdank, 1517“.

In 1517, Johann Schönsperger the elder printed the Theuerdank for Emperor Maximilian I, using a typeface based closely on the calligraphy of Vincenz Röckner. The type is such a close facsimile of calligraphy, in fact, that at first glance it is hard to believe it is cast and set in metal. In order to achieve this appearance, the artisans who created the type took a radical approach to the typographic page, designing a typeface that is composed both horizontally and vertically. By making use of a vertical compositional axis, letters could be set in such a way as to align with ornamental swashes above and/or below, allowing the same letter to look as if it had multiple variants. The resulting composite letterforms created a unique typographic page, and laid the ground work for later composite typefaces such as Alpha-Blox. In this talk, Maret will use high resolution images of the Theuerdank type to analyze its composition and demonstrate the type’s remarkable alphabetical potential. 

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The Center for Book Arts is located at 28 West 27th Street, 3rd floor. 


Past Events:

The Legacy Press Series @ The Center for Book Arts featuring: 

Mr. Francisco Trujillo

Friday, September 9, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

Mr. Francisco Trujillo Drue Heinz Conservator, Morgan Library & Museum

The New York Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers in collaboration with The Center For Book Arts is presenting The Legacy Press Series.

Join us on Friday, September 9, 2022 @ 6:30 pm at the Center For Book Arts for Mr. Francisco Trujillo’s lecture on his extensive work for the publication of “Coptic Bindings in the Pierpont Morgan Library” (The Legacy Press, 2021) and the Coptic binding collection of the Morgan Library & Museum.

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The Coptic Bindings Collection at the Morgan Library & Museum consists of the original 9th and 10th century bindings of over fifty manuscripts discovered in 1910 in the Fayum Oasis in Egypt. The Legacy Press 2021 publication of Theodore C. Petersen’s Coptic Bookbindings in the Pierpont Morgan Library provides the most comprehensive description of their construction, materials, and influence. Written between 1929 and 1950, Coptic Bookbindings is the culmination of Petersen’s extensive research into the bindings. This presentation will relate the story of how the bindings were discovered, their long and extensive restoration at the Vatican Library during World War I, and Petersen’s involvement with the bindings and the Morgan Library. An additional focus will be the several unsuccessful efforts to publish Petersen’s seminal work between 1950 and its ultimate publication by The Legacy Press. The presentation will also detail the particulars of the bindings, including board formation, sewing structures, and leather decoration that make their discovery important to the understanding of early binding structures.

Francisco H. Trujillo is the Drue Heinz Book Conservator in the Thaw Conservation Center at the Morgan Library & Museum. Previously he worked at the Columbia University Libraries, the Jewish Theological Seminary Library, and the Library of Congress. He has an MLIS with an Advanced Certificate in Book and Paper Conservation from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on the materials and techniques of medieval manuscripts, French Romanesque binding structures, and the Coptic bindings collection at the Morgan. He is the editor of Theodore C. Petersen’s “Coptic Bookbindings in the Pierpont Morgan Library“.


Carousel Book Demonstration with Maria Pisano

May 22nd, 2021, Saturday @ 10 am to 1 pm * Members only * Online event

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6:30 -9:00PM


Articulated Leather Staple Binding

Monday – Friday, March 9-13, 11-5pm

Instructor: Coleen Curry

This class is co-sponsored with the Guild of Book Workers, NY Chapter and the Center for Book Arts. Guild Members receive 10% off


This class will introduce one of the staple binding techniques developed by Sün Evrard, focusing on a multi-section, soft-cover articulated binding in leather.
Similar to a case structure, the textblock is prepared separately from the leather cover with primary sewing. The case is prepared with a leather exterior and articulating leather doublures inside (without boards). The two are joined in an innovative and conservation-friendly secondary sewing, with hand-made staples. The result is a soft-cover binding that is easily reversible and in no way alters or affects the textblock. The conservation based technique is a fun, contemporary take on a centuries old method of secondary sewing (hand-made staples instead of thread or leather thongs).

Coleen will emphasize technique in building the structure: elements that reinforce the strength of the binding include the articulating doublure areas, wooden dowels creating a yap at the foredges, and leather endbands.
Students will learn to manipulate suede to create a gorgeous leather cover. This technique may also be used in other leather crafts.

 About the Instructor:

Coleen Curry is a contemporary design binder. Coleen’s aim is to craft technically evocative bindings that provide a visual, sensual, and tactile experience. She bound her first book in 2003 with Tini Muira; the experience was a game changer. In 2009, Coleen received her Diploma in Fine Binding from the American Academy of Bookbinding (AAB). Notably she has studied with Monique Lallier, Eleanore Ramsey, and Hélène Jolis. Coleen assists Don Glaister teaching fine binding at AAB and has led workshops in the US and Australia since 2014. She is past President of the Hand Bookbinders of California and currently the Vice Chair for the San Francisco Center for the Book.

She exhibits internationally, has won several awards, and her work is held in both private and public collections including the Boston Athenæum and Bancroft Library. Coleen is Canadian and lives on the California coast where she crafts design binding, and in her free time, swims and rock climbs.

Images courtesy of the instructor.


Februrary 24th, 2020, @ 6:30PM




Please join us at The Center for Book Arts for an evening with Pénélope Guidoni as she discusses her passion, motivation and techniques that inform her work. She will use four of her bindings as examples to speak on the influence of the book and how the book can guide the binder. This talk features award winning illustrator and book artist Susan Bee.


Pénélope Guidoni was introduced to fine bookbinding under the instruction of prestigious teachers during 5 years at “Vésinet” school (AAAV, France). She learned fine binding techniques, book’s decoration, and gilding among many other skills. She has an official diploma for craftsmanship (CAP, arts de la reliure) and has won several awards in France, in USA and in the U.K. She has been recognized by her peers as a Master in traditional and authentic French techniques as well as an artist. After experimenting with a variety of book’s structures and decorative binding, more than bound, she offers a real book scenography: she crafts as an artistic conversation with the book. She has also developed a methodology of increasingly advanced experience while teaching to amateurs or professionals in French, Portuguese or English. She currently lives in Brazil where she shares an atelier with craftsmen and artists in São Paulo. She blends, fine crafting for clients with travelling around the world and participates in exhibitions/competitions.

artist / painter Susan bee in her Carroll Gardens studio. photo by Stefano Giovannini

Susan Bee Susan Bee is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She has had eight solo shows at A.I.R. Gallery, NY. Bee has published sixteen artist’s books. She has collaborated with poets including: Regis Bonvicino, Susan Howe, Charles Bernstein, Johanna Drucker, and Jerome Rothenberg. Bee was the coeditor of M/E/A/N/I/N/G Online. Her artist’s book archive is at the Beinecke Library, Yale University. She won a Guggenheim Fellowship in Fine Arts in 2014.



Timothy Barrett: A Career in Hand Papermaking, Accomplishments & Shortcomings –  March 15th 2019 – Please go to Blog Page for details






ENDING SOON: COPIES OF DEPERO FUTURISTA (THE BOLTED BOOK) CAN STILL BE ORDERED AT THE SPECIAL RATE FROM THIS LINK BELOW https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1204158310/the-bolted-book-an-avant-garde-masterpiece?ref=dadwcd



Please join us at The Center for Book Arts for a special presentation given by Steven Heller and Raffaele Bedarida on Fortunato Depero’s 1927 masterpiece of graphic design and bookmaking—Depero Futurista.

Monday, March 4th, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 pm

6:00: Doors open and refreshments served

6:30: Presentations by Mr. Heller & Mr. Bedarida

Center for Book Arts @ 28 West 27th Street, NYC 3rd floor

Please RSVP using this link below:


Recognized as the first modern day artist’s book, Depero Futurista is commonly known as “The Bolted Book” because of its famous binding using two aluminum industrial bolts. Depero Futurista is a visual tour de force filled with groundbreaking typographic experiments and bold explorations in nearly every art and design medium, including advertising and the form of the book itself. Conceived in 1927 by the Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero, the book was created as both a showcase for Depero’s work and a platform for his iconoclastic ideas. (Printed Matter, 2017)

Copies may be ordered using this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1204158310/the-bolted-book-an-avant-garde-masterpiece?ref=dadwcd

Steven Heller is the co-chair and co-founder of the SVA MFA Design / Designer As Author + Entrepreneur program. He writes regularly for the Atlantic and Wired online as well as PRINT (including the Daily Heller on Printmag.com), EYE and Baseline magazines. He is the author, co-author or editor of over 170 design books and the recipient of the 1999 AIGA Medal of Lifetime Achievement, 2011 National Design Award for “Design Mind” and included in the Art Directors Hall of Fame. http://www.hellerbooks.com/docs/books.html

Raffaele Bedarida is an art historian and curator specializing in art, politics, and cultural diplomacy between Italy and the United States in the 20th century. Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History at Cooper Union, he regularly lectures at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and MoMA. As a CIMA fellow in 2014 he focused his research on Depero’s time in New York.

The Guild of BookWorkers, NY Chapter extends their appreciation to Mr. Steve Kroeter of Designers & Books and the Center for Book Arts for making this event possible. We look forward to seeing you there!











2019 Annual Meeting Featuring Peter Schell

February 22nd, 2019

Friday, 6pm-8pm

@ Judy Ivry Studio

24 East 4th Street, 5th floor

NYC,  NY 10003

Come for an evening to share ideas, news and chapter business. Friends of the Guild and future members are welcome. Stay for drinks and a demonstration with Q&A by Peter Schell to show us how to work ergonomically with our tools of the trade. His talk will introduce common orthopedic issues in the book arts and provide some postural and movement suggestions for their amelioration. Peter Schell is an acupuncturist/herbalist whose green-woodworking, book arts and sculptural practices have led to insights into work injuries in the book arts. Hosted by our beloved member Judy Ivry, we will be serving refreshments and relaxation! 

Register at link below;  your rsvp is appreciated. 


In honor of his late wife, Nancy Norton Tomasko, member of the New York chapter of GBW since 1999, Mark Tomasko is hosting a reception on Friday, March 1, 2019 at the Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, NYC, 5-7pm, with remarks starting at 5:30pm. RSVP to mntomasko@att.net would be appreciated but is not required.
The New York Chapter mourns the passing of Nancy Tomasko.  We would like to recognize her contributions to our field and community. 
The NY Chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers is proud to present a series of events with Hedi Kyle & Ulla Warchol starting with a daytime presentation at the FIT Library and a night reception in their honor at the Center for Book Arts.


On Thursday,  November 29th, 2018 from 2pm-4pm @ FIT Library  Hedi and Ulla will discuss and demonstrate structures from their new book The Art of the Fold.  Attendees can try their hand at a couple of structures. This will be held on the 6th floor maker space of the library. It is open to Guild members and invited guests only (photo id required in lobby). Space is limited.

The FIT Library is located on the SW corner of 27th Street & 7th avenue. FIT Museum building. Entrance is on the 5th floor- event is held in E620.

Please register here for FIT event:



Reception in honor of Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol celebrating their new book  The Art of the Fold.   Thursday, November 29th, 2019 – 6pm-9pm held at The Center for Book Ats @ 28 West 27th Street, 3rd floor NYC, NY. 

At the evening reception Hedi and Ulla will discuss different structures with Q&A. Refreshments are served. Held in the gallery of the Center for Book Arts.

Please register here for the reception:


Hedi Kyle is an acclaimed pioneer in the world of book arts. Her one-of-a-kind constructions are in the collections of numerous institutions and individuals and have been the feature of multiple exhibitions all over the world. She co-founded the Book Preservation Center in New York and the Paper & Book Intensive. She is an honorary member of the Guild of Book Workers and formerly taught in the Graduate Program for Book Arts and Printmaking at the University of the Arts. She was also Head Conservator at the American Philosophical Society. Ms. Kyle has mentored and touched the lives of a generation of conservators and book artists.

Ulla Warchol graduated from The Cooper Union in New York City with a degree in architecture. After working in the field in the 1990s, Ulla has spent the last two decades developing a multidisciplinary approach to structure. She leans toward a broad exploration of materials and techniques in both large-scale and small-scale works: from buildings and set design to books and textiles.

THIRD EVENT:   Workshop 2019 TBA


November 8th, 2018 

 Thursday, 6pm – 8pm

 New York Academy of Medicine

Julia Miller lecture & book signing 


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As anticipated:

Julia Miller returns to NYC for a lecture and signing of her latest book Meeting by Accident published by The Legacy Press. During her talk hosted by the New York Academy of Medicine a number of examples will be available for the audience to examine closely. Stay for the opportunity to speak with Julia and purchase her new book at discount in either bound or sheet format.

“Julia Miller’s second book grew out of the experience of writing Books Will Speak Plain: A Handbook for Identifying and Describing Historical Bindings…The bindings described in Meeting by Accident all had their initial fascination for Julia as she was researching Books Will Speak Plain, and though she wrote briefly about some of the binding types in that book, she continued to study them and decided to write more about them…There is still a great deal of research and writing yet to do to identify and describe other binding types, but there is also the need to revisit and perhaps add to past research, as we piece together binding history, and answer more of the “what” and “why” and “how” questions concerning historical bindings.” – The Legacy Press http://www.thelegacypress.com

Julia Miller is a highly regarded conservator who studies, writes, lectures and instructs about historical binding structures. She is the author of Books Will Speak Plain: A Handbook for Identifying and Describing Historical Bindings, now in a revised second edition, published in 2010 and 2014 by The Legacy Press. She authored a typology of American scaleboard bindings in Volume I of Suave Mechanicals – Essays on the History of Bookbinding published in 2013, and serves as editor for the series now on its fourth volume.


Julia Miller photo by Erin Allison


Please join us for Dr. Stijnman’s presentation of his current research:

Coloured printed illustrations in medical publications 1500- 1850

October 18, 2018  Thursday 6pm – 8pm

New York Academy of Medicine, Room 440 – 1216 5th Avenue 

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Colour in illustrations is rarely recorded in library catalogues or by book historians; art historical studies focus on single-sheet colour prints; and studies in the history of medicine rarely consider the implication of colour in illustrations. In these years, the same producers of printed materials used the same colour processes for artistic prints and medical illustrations. Thus, this growing corpus can be identified and understood only using an interdisciplinary approach encompassing printmaking processes, art history, the history of the book and the history of medicine.

This talk represents Dr. Stijnman’s preliminary findings of systematic page-by-page analysis of tens of thousands of early modern (1450–1850) scientific publications. Concentrating on material produced in middle and Western Europe enables the exploration of how changing technologies determined the application of colour. It traces the development of the role of colour in medical illustrations from mere decorative use in sixteenth-century woodcuts to the identification of diseases by naturalistic colouring. Standardized uses of colour emerged in eighteenth-century etchings and mezzotints, for example the depiction of arteries in red and veins in blue, but also that there were alternative colour codes. In doing so, it lays out a new methodology for object-based, interdisciplinary research into book illustrations.

Dr Ad Stijnman (PhD University of Amsterdam, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in London) is a scholar for historical printmaking processes, specializing in manual intaglio printmaking techniques. He has lectured and published widely on the subject, including his seminal Engraving and Etching 1400–2000: A History of the Development of Manual Intaglio Printmaking Processes (2012), for which he was awarded the Karel van Manderprijs 2015 for outstanding Dutch art historical publications. Together with Elizabeth Savage he co-edited Printing Colour 1400–1700: History, Techniques, Functions and Receptions (2015), which was awarded an honourable mention for best books on prints by the IFPDA in 2016. His curatorial activities include exhibitions on medieval prints, early modern colour prints and Rembrandt etchings on Japanese paper. Dr. Stijnman is currently in NYC working with the Columbia University Making and Knowing Project. Visit Dr. Stijnman’s website at https://tulip88x.wixsite.com/ad–stijnman

This event is co-hosted by the New York Academy of Medicine Library & The Guild of Bookworkers, New York Chapter. The Guild Chapter wishes to thank Dr. Ad Stijnman, Arlene Shaner, Historical Collections Librarian of the NYAM Library and Dr. Paul Theerman, Library Director, NYAM.

Please Register here for Dr. Ad Stijnman’s lecture

We look forward to seeing you there!
















New:  Swap Meet!  September 29th, Saturday 11am-4pm Judith Ivry Studio – 25 East 4th Street, 5th Floor


There will be offerings from long time Guild members:  Nelly Balloffet, Jenny Hille, Susan Martin, and Cara SchlesingerTalas will bring an interesting selection of remnants and miscellany.  Pergamena will send some skins. 
Claire Maziarczyk will bring her paste papers. Claire will give a talk at 3pm. To pre-order special requests contact her at pastepaper@aol.com.
And we’ve been curious what Test Fabrics has to offer book conservators, so we’ve invited Normandy Klaas to bring samples and discuss their products.
If you have items you would like to bring to sell, let us know!  The more on offer, the better!
Don’t forget to place your paper order with Jenny Hille .She has 40 sheets of Dover and Edinburgh Barcham Green (watermarked 1976 and 1983) – color is sort of oatmeal/natural – very useful for  17th,18th and 19th c. endsheets. As well as some large sheets (28 x 38) of Fabriano Ingres in various colors – great for endsheets. Since it’s cumbersome to transport, she’d like to know ahead of the meet if anyone is interested.  Please email Jenny directly:  jenny.hille@gmail.com
Looking forward to seeing you all! Please Register however drop-ins are welcome!
Coming up:

Julia Miller: Meeting by Accident – Lecture & Signing – November  8th, 2018

View: Radha Pandey’s lecture and demonstration on Islamic World Hand Papermaking

Coming Soon: Hedi Kyle & Ulla Warchol  

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